Getting to know ITC Services, Inc.

ITC Services, Inc. serves farmers and exporters in Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington & Wyoming. Crews of four to six employees install hay tarps on farmer's hay stacks during the summer and winter months, then come back to retighten regularly as wind storms and inclement weather hits the area. If a tarp blows off, it is replaced quickly and often at no additional charge.

The strong demand for premium export grade hay has led to corresponding demand for bottom, side and top stack protection.

Silage protection is another focus of ITC Services, Inc. Each year hundreds of thousands of tons of silage are protected from spoilage as farmers, dairymen and feedlot operators complete their silage harvest and our crews promptly install silage film to protect it.

tarped hay stack and ITC crew hay stack with bottom and top tarped
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